Section XI – Suffolk County Athletics: Thanks to Section XI leaders Tom Combs and Pete Blieberg, both Suffolk Sports Hall of Famers and committee members, there is a satellite exhibit at the Section XI offices in Farmingville. This exhibit features athletic directors, officials and former Section XI leaders. It was launched in 2021.

Long Island Sports & Rehabilitation Center: Lois Cloud Malenczak, the owner and director of physical therapy at Long Island Sports & Rehabilitation, has been on the board and selection committee of the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame for many years. She is proud to feature the many hall of fame coaches, athletes, officials and athletic administrators who have utilized her sports facility. This debuted in 2019. Read more!

Town of Huntington Town Hall: The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame and the Town of Huntington debuted an exhibit at Huntington Town Hall as of February 2019. This features Town of Huntington residents, coaches and athletes. Read more!

Long Island MacArthur Airport: In the Southwest Airlines terminal, you can see a full wing of images and wall art dedicated to Town of Islip residents of the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame.


Fairfield Properties Ballpark: In the VIP lobby of the home of the Long Island Ducks you can see an exhibit dedicated to the history of the Long Island Ducks, both the now defunct hockey club, and the current baseball team that plays in the Atlantic League.