Sponsorship & Development

The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame is expanding its offerings in history and education and looking for corporate development sponsors and partners.

Over the last 18 months the Hall of Fame has undergone leadership changes, rebranding, transformed its two keystone events – the annual induction and golf outing – , enhanced its communication efforts with upgrades to its web and mobile platforms, launched social media and email newsletter outreach efforts, and launched its third exhibit by partnering with a local town government.

Now it’s time to take the Hall of Fame to the next level with significant development efforts and corporate partnerships. Any connection is good. Any idea is worth exploring.

Here’s what we’re looking to do:

  • Launch more exhibits around Suffolk
  • Continue our digitization efforts to archive almost 30 years worth of files and physical memories
  • Honor places of historical sporting significance around Suffolk
  • Bring Suffolk Hall of Fame inductees back to their roots
  • Create lasting and strong development packages across multiple verticals

It’s important to note this is not a generic fundraising effort. While we’ll gladly take your individual donations, we really want to build everlasting business partnerships that can be beneficial for all parties with a much larger scope of reach.

Interested in being part of something bigger than you? Email SuffolkHall@gmail.com.