Bagshaw, Ann Marie Wycoff

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February 8, 2018
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Bagshaw, Ann Marie Wycoff

Ann Marie Wyckoff Bagshaw

Induction Year: 1994

Category: Swimming & Diving

Location: Northport

Bagshaw grew up in Northport but attended Stony Brook Prep School where she graduated in 1985.

There was no swim team for females so she swam on the boys team.  This was a club swim team that was coached by her father, Roger Wycoff.

After graduating Stony Brook Prep School, she attended college at West Point where she participated on the swim team.  Bagshaw’s accomplishments as a swimmer include seven academy records, 19 All-American titles, 9 NCAA titles, Division II Swimmer of the Year in 1988 and 1989, 14 conference titles, Honda-Broderick Award finalist in 1989, Army Athletic Association Award in 1989, and led Army to a fourth place finish in 1989 at the NCAA Championships.

In addition to her many records and titles, her participation in college clubs also varied as she was involved with the German Club, Catholic Chapel Choir, and a Special Olympics Volunteer.

After Ann Marie graduating in 1989 with a BS in German, she served as a Commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Ordinance Corps and was assigned to the VII Corps in Germany.  This unit was later sent to Saudi Arabia where they played a role in Operation Desert Storm.