Pendergast, Christopher

Napolitano, Ralph
June 9, 2023
Sabatelle, Jen
June 11, 2023
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Pendergast, Christopher

Christopher Pendergast

Induction Year: 2023

Location: Northport

Category: Special Recognition

An inspiration, fighter, and innovator, Chris Prendergast built a legacy through his battle with ALS. A teacher in Miller Place when he was diagnosed in 1993, he was told he only had three years to live. He stayed with us for 28 years and made headlines with the development of the ALS Ride for Life organization that continues to raise awareness in the battle against ALS. In 1997, his electric scooter ride from Yankee Stadium to Washington, D.C., garnered national headlines, and Chris took that moment and catapulted it into something much more significant. Through that process, he became a respected figure across Long Island, especially in school districts where Ride for Life is a vehicle for awareness, fundraising, and compassion. Learn more at