Rogers, Jeannette

Gracey, Ruth
May 30, 2021
McKeever-Kress, Annamae
May 30, 2021
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Rogers, Jeannette

Jeannette Rogers

Induction Year: 2020

Location: Babylon

Position: Athletic Administration & Coaching

Dr. Jean Berger at Ward Melville, Ruth Gracey at Port Jefferson, Jeannette Rogers at Babylon, Annamae McKeever-Kress at Sayville were recognized for their trailblazing efforts as female pioneers in coaching and athletic administration.

They were instrumental in developing and organizing the Suffolk County Girls Athletic Association in 1949, 23 years prior to Title IX’s historic legislation.

Their persistence and dedication led to countless opportunities for girls to play and coach sports in Suffolk County.

They were diversifying the playing field long before it was the norm and their efforts, more than 70 years later were recognized.