Frank Layden receives the 2019 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award

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June 4, 2019
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June 9, 2019
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Frank Layden receives the 2019 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award

Suffolk Sports Hall of Famer Frank Layden received the 2019 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award

From the Utah Jazz:

Frank Layden, one of the sports world’s most colorful characters and whose impact on the NBA transcended his coaching contributions, is the recipient of the 2019 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Basketball Coaches Association announced.

“Frank Layden represents the very best in coaching,” said Dallas Mavericks Head Coach and National Basketball Coaches Association President Rick Carlisle. “He built a perennial winner in Utah with the Jazz and produced one of the great coaches in NBA history in Jerry Sloan. Frank was also the only person in NBA history to win NBA Coach of the year, NBA executive of theyear and the NBA J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award in the same year, doing so in 1984. Our sincerest congratulations to Frank Layden on this prestigious recognition.”

“For several reasons, I am overwhelmed and pleased to be named the recipient of this year’s Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Layden. “First, Chuck Daly was a very good friend of mine for many years before either of us were connected with the NBA, and it is an honor to be recognized by an award of his namesake. Second is the wonderful camaraderie that comes with being a Coach in the NBA. My colleagues were wonderful and the best part of my coaching experience. They were great coaches and even better men. I am honored to accept this award from their ranks and on their behalf. Third, I am saddened that Chuck Daly and Michael Goldberg are no longer with us; two individuals who would’ve loved to be here to witness this today. Michael Goldberg, who played a great role in my life both in guiding me and sometimes holding me back from doing something stupid, does not get enough credit for his impact on the NBA coaching profession. Michael was integral, joining with some of our earlier leaders like Tommy Heinsohn, in getting the Coaches Association off the ground and giving it tremendous credibility. I can remember Michael Goldberg and David Stern working closely together and what a wonderful team they were in making the NBCA what it is today. I cannot stress enough how Michael was always there to help me and help other coaches regardless of what team they represented or how they long they have been in the NBA.”

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